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The 3 C's of Music and Mindfulness are:

Compassion - Compassion invites us to deeply listen to our clients and ourselves in a session. Unconditional positive regard, non-judgment, empathy and love are all aspects of our compassionate presence in healing work whether it is in the realms of psychotherapy, sound work, body work, energy work, Reiki, etc. Compassion is the driving force in any integrative healing practice.

Curiosity - Curiosity helps us to stay present and open to the whole person and to the process of therapy. Whatever information is coming to you from your person is an invitation to learn more, ask more, discover and uncover together to allow for insight and growth to occur.

Creativity - Everyone has innate creativity and it is our natural tendency to create as humans. When creativity is present in the therapeutic milieu it allows for the unknown, the unseen, the mysterious to flow, thus nurturing our strengths and natural ability to think outside the box!


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