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Katie Down is doing important work in raising the level of training for sound healers. She is combining her knowledge of training and supervision as a music therapist with her teaching and practice as a sound healer. I heartily support her work and see her as an important 'bridge' integrating the knowledge base in these two areas of practice.

- Dr. Alan Turry, Managing Director,

Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy

After taking one of Katie Down's workshops, I found her to be a gifted and supportive teacher and decided to stay on with her for individual sound therapy supervision and mentorship. This immensely aided my professional development as a mental health clinician, listener and doctor as well as in my own practice of mindfulness and meditation. I regard Katie as instrumental in boosting my confidence to work in this arena with my own patients.  

 - Dr. Meredith Bergman, MD, Holistic Psychiatrist

In the sea of healing practitioners we have to choose from today, Katie holds a unique and vital place as she possesses a rare combination of scientific, evidence-based knowledge, solid foundations in both music and psychotherapy, and an undeniable personal talent for integrating a sense of creativity and warmth into everything she does. I have had the true pleasure of attending Katie’s sound baths, been a student in her Sound School program at Maha Rose, and have brought her in as a special guest lecturer for a grand rounds presentation in the Department of Psychiatry at Jamaica Hospital. My experiences with her have added so much to not only my professional work as a creative arts psychotherapist, but also to my personal artistic practices and overall sense of wellness.  In all of the different settings I’ve worked with Katie, she consistently imparts knowledge, humor, increased inner strength, and a sense of both wonder and grounding. I highly recommend her offerings to anyone seeking a new perspective! 

 - Karen Codd Fairchild, MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT, Licensed & Board Certified Creative Arts Psychotherapist

Katie Down’s sound baths have ushered in a brand new era of thought, feeling and awareness for me. I have had the immense pleasure of experiencing multiple sound baths at Katie’s helm as well as participating in her workshops and trainings. It is a very rare thing to sit in the expansive architecture created by Katie through sound. The feeling is one of form and formlessness which always seems to allow one to feel enveloped yet unrestricted.  The dwelling place created by Katie is one I hold in the highest reverent esteem. It is a direct experience of conduction and Katie is an expert maestro to this vibrational state always warmly welcoming us to cross the threshold to this world, to this liminal place. She graciously and generously shares this insight and expertise in her trainings and I cannot thank her enough for all of her imparted wisdom, her commitment, her care, her vision and her brilliant artistry.

- Cameron Russell,
Eternal student, eternal fan, singer, sound explorer.

Katie helps us really go on a journey. I feel like I'm floating and during the sound meditation, I felt a lot of physical shifts. It was very powerful. Katie has a knack for being able to improvise and know what people need in the room, helping us to open up where we might have stuck or blocked energy. I find that after her sound baths, I sleep much deeper at night.  


 - sound bath participant


I enjoyed the loving and harmonic energies and within the first 5 minutes I was already having dream-like images which sent me into a deep place which I needed. I'm very relaxed, soothed, and rejuvenated. Whether you realize it or not, you can sense the sound going directly to your body and soul. Katie was a really great facilitator, not only because of her expertise on the instruments, but just the way she spoke to us at the beginning in regards to helping our minds to settle and relax into the experience, and then at the end when she invited us to do vocal sounds, it really brought me back into my body in a beautiful way by feeling the vibration of my own voice. 


- sound bath participant

 What stood out to me as the most important learning of the day is the overarching theme of how important it is to maintain energy work and be around high vibrational people. I already know this, but when working a 9-5 as I do, it's easy to put that as a lower priority when doing the stuff that needs to be done day to day. But after a day like that, my energy centers were straightened out and my vibration was soaring! And I remembered how I must prioritize my practices. 


The sound walk was so, so valuable to me. That little exercise showed me so much in ten minutes, from reminding me how dependent I am on my sight and all five senses working together, to facing the momentary terror I had about oh my God, this is what it would be like if I couldn't see, to being completely trusting of someone else to make sure I'm safe, and then to seeing just HOW vivid things actually are when you open your eyes again, literally and metaphorically.


The sound bath, there just are not enough words: beautiful, alive, flowing, divinely guided, angelic, energetic, intimate, knowing...I just can't fully describe it honestly. It was beyond. It moved me, and I am so blessed to have been a recipient of it. 


It was perfect, and exactly what I needed.


This class was a beautiful offering of love. Of all places I could have been on that day, it was with such beautiful spirits. I treasure the connections made and the energy offered. I hope I get the opportunity again in the future to attend another class with you.

Kim, sound student.

I just wanted to thank you for our wonderful session on Saturday. Thank you especially for all your effort to include me - as one of the online persons in the group. I felt like I was really part of the class and that is just wonderful knowing that I was so many kilometers away from all of you. After class I feel very inspired and I feel like deep listening is something wonderful and visual and something I can learn and want to practice deeply. 


My favourite part of the whole workshop was hearing all the different instruments you played for us and how they could be used as a drone. I am a big fan of the drone concept and I think of it as a pool of sound to safely swim in. I felt it was really cool to expand the drone concept to all sorts of different sound textures. I loved some of the sounds you brought in a lot and I loved your background as a more classically trained sound worker and how you brought that expertise together with the sound therapy expertice. I have been classically trained and still am very drawn to both the world of a musical therapy and the sound therapy world and I felt your approach was bridging those two worlds somehow for me and I now feel confident that I will find an expression as a sound worker that fits me and reflects my path with sacred sound, whether it is from all I have learned from classical training, hindustani singing or sound work. 


So thank you so much for the inspiring training. 

Sending much light from Brussels, Astrid


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