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Creative Arts Therapies

The Power of
Playful Exploration

Overview: Diving into the heart of self-discovery through creativity, Creative Arts Therapies is a transformative approach that harnesses the power of artistic expression. As the revered psychoanalyst Carl Jung noted, it's through our innate play instinct that true creation unfolds.

Discovering the Self through the Arts: Far from being a simple act, creativity is a journey into the deepest realms of our psyche. It provides an avenue to transform the turbulent chaos of our minds into structured revelations, helping individuals connect with intimate parts of themselves. Whether through dance, painting, music, writing, or even listening, these therapies invite participants to not just create but to introspect.

The Structure of a Session Every session is a dance between creation and reflection. After immersing in the creative process, a dedicated talk segment allows for introspection, ensuring that the experience isn't just felt, but also understood and integrated. Here, the individual's creative explorations are given voice and validation

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