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There is  an ancient Indian proverb that the universe hangs on sound and that sound is what connects everything and as we listen and expand our ways of connecting to ourselves and each other, we can begin to understand how everything relates and is related. Creative inquiry in conjunction with mindful, non-judgmental observation can help us connect to our higher selves and each other through the 3 C's of Music and Sound Therapy: Compassion. Creativity, Curiosity.

• Compassion

is what drives the therapeutic rapport in each session and allows us the opportunity to safely express ourselves, release held emotions, and provide a sense of safety in order to move in new and healthy directions.



is what helps us to re-frame situations and see things through a new perspective using art, music, movement, meditation, creative writing, visualization and mindfulness meditation. 



allows us to discover and use new  tools to work with the underlying causes of current or past difficulties, helping us to discover new possibilities of a healthy and happy life. 

When we are truly feeling well, we are in flow,  feeling connected in all aspects of our lives. Healing is a continual process and we must sometimes ask ourselves difficult questions, opening ourselves to vulnerability in order to understand contentment and live our most authentic life. 

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