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Tea and Sound Restorative Workshop 

Maha rose North

SUNDAY, SEPT. 19th 10 - 6pm

Veteran sound practitioner and music therapist, Katie Down (LCAT, MT-BC), and celebrated author and tea practitioner, Corinne Trang, will offer a day-long, retreat-style immersion in the healing properties of tea, sound, and deep listening meditation.

Participants will be introduced to techniques and rituals in tea preparation and enjoyment using a Chinese centuries-old practice known as gong fu cha. This will be followed by mindful listening with breath, subtle movement, creative visualization, vocal toning, and playing techniques on the Sansula, a modern kalimba often used in sound meditation. (Participants may bring their own instrument if they have, or purchase a Sansula on site or in advance).

Finally, Corinne and Katie will combine a meditative practice of Cha Dao (The Way of Tea) with soothing sound bath meditation to wrap up the retreat. Please bring your own favorite tea bowl for this meditation.

Katie Down is doing important work in raising the level of training for sound healers.

She is combining her knowledge of training and supervision as a music therapist with her teaching and practice as a sound healer. I heartily support her work and see her as an important 'bridge' integrating the knowledge base in these two areas of practice.

- Dr. Alan Turry, Managing Director,

Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy

After taking one of Katie Down's workshops, I found her to be a gifted and supportive teacher and decided to stay on with her for individual sound therapy, supervision and mentorship. This immensely aided my professional development as a mental health clinician, listener and doctor as well as in my own practice of mindfulness and meditation.  I regard Katie as instrumental in boosting my confidence  to work in this arena with my own patients.  

  - Dr. Meredith Bergman, MD, Holistic Psychiatrist