Sound Baths and Events

Sunday, July 24th

Kiva at MAMA




Sound Baths are deep listening experiences based on psychophysiology which is the study of the mind-body connection.

With essential oils, sacred objects, and creative visualization, we dive into connection to all the senses with gentle guidance and creative visualization. 

Sound Bath Meditations  invite mindful listening using all the senses for the purpose of self-inquiry, self-actualization, release of physical and psychological pain, with the implementation of both composed and improvised sounds as well as sounds heard in nature.


Katie offers Sound Walks, Sound Baths, and collaborative workshops including sound with  restorative yoga, authentic movement, tea ceremonies, and more, promoting the art of listening to deepen the connection with ourselves and each other.


Sometimes our central nervous system can become highly charged due to external forces. Deep Listening can  help with the regulation of stress responses, enabling a rest and digest response through creative visualization, breath-work and vibration. 

Therapeutic musical drone instruments  include metal and Alchemy singing bowls, tuning forks, monochords, Shruti boxes, percussion and voice to help facilitate somatic release, connection, and body-mind awareness.