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Sound Baths / Events


and Acupuncture

Friday, March 3rd,

6pm - 7:30pm

Newburgh Acupuncture Project

Newburgh, NY 


Saturday, March 11

7:30 - 9pm

Sonic Tonic at the Kiva 

Marbletown Mutli Arts 


Sunday, March 5th

7pm - 9pm

Maha Rose

at Fringe



and Restorative Yoga

Saturday, March 25th

7pm - 9pm 

Matagiri Sri Aurobindo

Sound Baths are deep listening experiences based on psychophysiology which is the study of the mind-body connection. 

We  invite participants to awaken the senses that help release, relax, and deepen the connection to the internal and external world through sound and vibration. 

Instruments used include drone instruments such as Alchemy crystal singing bowls, harps,  hand pans, Himalayan metal singing bowls, ceremonial drums, gongs, etc. We use voice and breath to connect the body and mind. 


The sound bath enables and helps to facilitate a deep journey of rich imagery, somatic release and wellbeing and can start from a 20-minute to 2-hour experience depending on the offering or the needs of a group if you are booking a private sound bath for your organization or private event. 


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