Sound Baths

Sound Bath Online


7pm- 8:30pm


$15 - $45

Sound Bath Online


7pm - 8:30pm


$20 - $40

Sound Bath Meditations are mindful, somatic, and deep listening experiences through all the senses with sound as a focal point for illuminating the idea that in the act of listening we are able to connect with one ourselves and each other while creating new neural-pathways for our inherent well-being and equanimity. 


The central nervous system can become highly charged due to external forces and Sound Baths have been found to help with the regulation of stress responses, enabling inner journeys, creative visualization, actualization and insight.


Therapeutic musical drone instruments used include various types of singing bowls, tuning forks, monochords, shruti box, percussion and voice to help facilitate emotional and physical release, connection, and awareness through Deep Listening. 

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