What is it good for?

Absolutely nothin!"

The word "stress" is even a bit onomatopoetic by the way it sounds....STRESSSSSSS

How do we cope with our stressors?

Identifying the stressors can be challenging.

You may ask yourself, "what ISN'T stressful in my life?"

But truthfully, stress is something that originates in the mind.

Our bodies respond to stress that originate in our thought processes and then we experience somatic sensations such as headaches, TMJ, stomach pain, back issues, etc.

So just as easily as we get stressed about things, we can invite the things that cause us stress to shift and morph, thus recognizing a stressor in its external form outside of our authentic self and eventually be able to have some perspective on a situation or specific dynamic in our lives. I think it comes down to RELATIONSHIPS. Relationship with and to people, money, career, idea or sense of self, external forces in the world, internal narratives. When we "relate" to something, it is an act of "resonance" which is a musical term meaning "a phenomenon that only occurs when the frequency at which a force is periodically applied is equal or nearly equal to one of the natural frequencies of the system on which it acts." Basically if we can re-wire our brains and learn how to resonate to a different frequency, our body-mind system can learn to respond differently to external forces and factors that would normally cause a stress response.

Relationship is such a vague word because we have relationships with all kinds of people places and things! What does it mean to "save" a relationship, "end" a relationship, "fix" a relationship, etc? When people are having trouble relating, they may go to a counselor to "fix" what is wrong or to "save" the relationship as if the relationship was a separate entity from the two or more people in conflict. Well...maybe it is! Looking at relationships psychodynamically can help us pin point some key areas of what is going on between people so that reconnection and reintegration can take place. Sometimes that reconnection and reintegration means ending a relationship to another person, place or thing because the frequencies are cancelling each other out and the resonance has changed to a frequency of dissonance and discord. Not to say that dissonance or discord is "bad" necessarily. We need conflict to learn and grow! It's only when conflict is the main driving force of a relationship that it becomes problematic and possibly in need of some frequency shift!