Water Ripple

When we  listen and expand our ways of listening to ourselves and each other,

we can begin to understand how everything relates and is related.

The creative arts therapies helps us embark on the

journey of self-actualization and well-being  through self-inquiry in a multitude of creative processes. 

It is through creativity that we are able to access a deeper understanding and acceptance of ourselves  and situations that might otherwise seem insurmountable.

Drawing from  the tools and techniques found in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction,

Deep Listening and somatic psychotherapies, we are able to identify patterns and make conscious decisions for finding pathways towards optimal health and wellbeing. 

There are three basic ideas from which my work stems:


is at the core of the therapeutic alliance in every session,

providing clients a sense of safety to release emotions, and begin to move and grow in new and healthy directions.



is what helps us re-frame situations, see things through a new perspective,

and think outside the box.  Self-inquiry using music, movement, meditation, creative writing, and visual art, can elicit positive shifts in our conscious and unconscious thoughts and actions. 



is what allows us to discover things we never knew were possible

by promoting balanced perspectives around our relationships to people and events.

Changing patterns in conscious and unconscious behavior and emotional response

can lead us towards a healthy and happy life.