"I have completed a day long workshop with Katie Down in elements of sound theory in addition to attending her sound baths. What resonates most with me is her ability to authentically create a space of profound presence. There is a kinetic elemental shift experienced in her work. She conveys a naturalness and unaffected tone in her speaking voice and instruction and the inclusive quality of expression generated by her is generous and gentle. She feels accessible and therefore allows others to feel and awaken that in themselves."

"I enjoyed the loving and harmonic energies and within the first 5 minutes I was already having dream-like images which sent me into a deep place which I needed. I'm very relaxed, soothed, and rejuvenated. Whether you realize it or not, you can sense the sound going directly to your body and soul. Katie was a really great facilitator, not only because of her expertise on the instruments, but just the way she spoke to us at the beginning in regards to helping our minds to settle and relax into the experience, and then at the end when she invited us to do vocal sounds, it really brought me back into my body in a beautiful way by feeling the vibration of my own voice."

 "Katie helps us really go on a journey. I feel like I'm floating and during the sound meditation, I felt a lot of physical shifts. It was very powerful. Katie has a knack for being able to improvise and know what people need in the room, helping us to open up where we might have stuck or blocked energy. I find that after her sound baths, I sleep much deeper at night." 


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