JUNE, 2017

SOUND WALK at Meditation Summer on Governor's Island 
Sunday, June 11th. 1pm - 3pm 
Every Summer, Nili Suhami hosts Meditation Summer, a free meditation series on Governor's Island. This year, the series runs from June 2nd to July 9th. I will be facilitating a Sound Walk Meditation this coming Sunday, June 11th from 1pm to 3pm. Sound Walks are wonderful walking meditations focusing on deep listening and engaging all the senses. We partner up and have meditation blindfolds on to learn how to listen through touch and our other senses. Listening and hearing become acute and heightened in a way that profoundly affects our way of engaging in the world. And it's really fun! Great for families, partners or come and meet someone! 
The meeting place is located on Colonols Row, situated in the middle of that row #407A. Ferry schedule for Sunday is HERE. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday! 

SOUND BATH MEDITATION at Maha Rose Center for Healing 
Sunday, June 11th. 7pm - 9pm 
As many of you might realize by now, sound baths have taken off in popularity throughout the city! I encourage you to try as many as you can as there are some wonderful facilitators offering them these days. For the past 10 years, I've been offering sound bath mediations that have evolved and grown as the demand for this type of meditation has increased. It is my honor and privilege to be able to offer this kind of experience to those in need of restoration and rejuvenation. Sound Baths allow our parasympathetic nervous system to awaken so that we can fall easily into an Alpha-Theta brainwave state, thereby recalibrating the central nervous system and allow for our natural and internal healing process to take place. 
97 Green Street. Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY 11222 
$40 exchange

SOUND BATH MEDITATION at Maha Rose Center for Healing 
Sunday, June 25th. 7pm - 9pm 
97 Green Street. Brooklyn, NY 11222 
$40 exchange

Deep Listening in Contemplative Care:

A workshop in sound, music, and meditation. 

Thursday, June 29th 10am - 4pm 
When working with patients in different stages of life and healing, we find ourselves having to hold the space for many types of processing both on a personal and transpersonal level. In contemplative practices, it is something that we understand to be fundamental to caring and healing. Sound and music can have profound affects on patients going through challenging periods as well as their caretakers who suffer from burnout or compassion fatigue. In this workshop, we will discuss how to incorporate sound to help recalibrate the central nervous system, bring a sense of calm and relaxation to our patients and ourselves, and to help those transitioning. Katie Down will guide the group in a 30 minute sound meditation followed by a discussion on best practices of how to implement sound and music in clinical work. 

Every year, JTS hosts this day-long event for their Pastoral Education program. If you are involved with pastoral care and would like to learn more about the seminar and how to attend, please contact Rabbi Mollie Cantor for more information at mocantor@JTSA.EDU


A couple more things: If you are a sound facilitator, music therapist, or involved in the healing arts and sound, I am offering supervision and continuing training on alternate Wednesday evenings starting July 12th. 6:30pm - 8pm To inquire about supervision, please email me directly at katie@soundwellcenter.com. Open to 8 students.

For the summer, I am seeing clients now on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 
My practice uniquely offers music therapy, sound, Reiki, and mindfulness meditation techniques for stress reduction and managing anxiety and depression. I have a speciality in trauma and am certified in EMDR. To learn more about how music therapy, sound and mindfulness meditation can improve your life and enhance your natural state of wellbeing, please contact me at katie@soundwellcenter.com


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