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Sound Well Creative Arts Therapy, PLLC

Some Musings on Listening Meditations
The potency of a listening meditation or sound bath meditation and any sound healing work is found in the energetic space held by the practitioner for the receiver. In sound or music therapy, the space between a client and therapist in terms of unconditional positive regard, safety, grounding, and good boundaries not to mention the ability to intuit and listen, are key factors in the efficacy of how sound can be incorporated in a transformative experience.

Playing pretty sounds is quite easy if you have the instruments but  if we don't know how to use the tools in a clinical contex and work with intention and attention, then we are being too carefree with the power that sound and music has to transform a person, given them the safe space to be vulnerable and take them on a journey into deeper self inquiry  and acceptance.

I feel it is important to hold ourselves to the highest standard in our work as therapists, really knowing the intricies and nuances of our tools of the trade, understanding how to hold the space for someone we are treating, and being able to help our clients process safely whatever is going on for them within a session, no matter how painful.

Sound is a powerful modality in healing work and should be used with knowledge and understanding of its potency.

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