Sound Well Creative Arts Therapy, PLLC

Sound Well Creative Arts Therapy, PLLC

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Can Music Heal Trauma? Exploring the Therapeutic Powers of Sound


The potency of a  sound bath meditation and any sound healing work is found in the energetic space held by the practitioner for the receiver. In sound or music therapy, the space between a client and therapist in terms of unconditional positive regard, safety, grounding, and good boundaries not to mention the ability to intuit and listen, are key factors in the efficacy of how sound is used in healing modalities.

Playing pretty sounds is pretty easy if you have the right instruments , but  if you haven't spent at least 100 hours practicing your craft and the instruments, I would recommend getting back into the woodshed and play play play and discover and uncover and screw up and do it again and again until you decide to call yourself a  sound bath facilitator.

I feel it is important to hold oneself to the highest standard when facilitating a meditation, weather with sound or with just a simple sit.

Seasoned sound practitioners understand the intricacies and nuances of our tools of the trade,  how to hold  space for 1 or 100.

Sound is a powerful modality in healing work and there are many trainings now available throughout the country and internationally to those wanting to be of service in sound work. Click on the Resources Tab for schools and training programs in the US.

If you are interested in private study or supervision,  you can email me directly or or to sign up for courses, please click on the Trainings/Talks tab in the menu.